When will I recieve my order?

The entire manufacturing & shipping process takes 1-3 weeks. This time frame depends on the item & your location. 

*If you are in the United States, this process could take 7-14 business days

*If you are international this process could take 14-30 business days 

I still have not recieved my order and it's been 3 weeks. What's wrong?

Firstly, we apologize for any inconveniences that you have experienced. Here is what might be wrong and what you can do

  1. Check to see if your shipping information is completely correct (zip code, address, state, etc.)
  2. Check at your local post office to see if it is there
  3. Check to see if your order was delivered to one of your neighbors by accident

If the problem is #1, please contact us through the contact form in the main navigation. If the shipping information is incorrect we can replace your order, but shipping will be at your own expense.